Fishing Boats

Typical day begins at 6:30 am with an approximate return at 2:30 pm for an 8 hour day for all boats.  All charters are private charters for you and your party only.

Here at Baja Raiders we have several different charter boats for you to choose from. Our different Cabo fishing boats are designed for use dependent upon how passengers are in your party.  We offer two pricings:

The bare boat price: (includes the boat, crew, fuel and all fishing tackle and equipment) is charged ‘per charter’ and NOT charged per person!

All inclusive package:  Includes: a hearty box lunch, beverages (water, soda and/or beer) fishing license and live bait fish just add an additional $30 per person to the bare boat price.  This all inclusive package is available for parties of three or more.

Our smallest fishing boat is designed for a maximum of three passengers. This charter boat is a 28’.  Its bare boat is priced at $425 and is an excellent option for smaller groups.

Rondinella - 28′ Californian  $425 bare  boat  – Maximum passengers is 3

We then have several charter boats that accommodate a maximum of four passengers. They are our 31’ boats. The bare boat price is $475 and they are the most popular boats for deep sea fishing due to its twin engines and power.

Baja Raider – 31′ Bertam $475 bare boat - Maximum passengers is 4

Rosa del Mar - 31′ Bertram $475 bare boat - Maximum passengers is 4

If you need a boat that can hold up to six passengers, we have three different options to choose from for you.

1. The first is our 33’ boats which accommodates comfortably a maximum of 6 passengers.

2. We also have a 35’ boat if you need more space on board for your party and is price at the bare boat price of $725 per day due to the increased sized and luxury of the charter.

3. We have boats designed for up to eight passengers on our 38’ fishing boat.  It is priced at $800 for the bare boat.

Baja Boy 3 - 33′ Topaz $525 bare boat - Maximum passengers is 6

Marisol II – 33′ Owens $525 bare boat - Maximum passengers is 6


Baja Boy II - 38′ Pacifica $800 bare boat - Maximum passengers is 7

Rebelde - 38′ Bertram $800 bare boat - Maximum passengers is 8

Last but not least we have our largest Cabo fishing boat designed to hold a maximum of ten passengers per fishing trip. It is a 43’ boat and quite comfortable for these large parties. It is priced at $950 per day and is a very popular option for large groups.

Muchacho Alegre – 43′ Uniflite $950 bare boat  - Maximum passengers is 10


For more information
Call our US number 1-858-427-5285 reaches us in CABO or email us at

Or if in town our local number is: 131-5749


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